What'S The Difference Between Silk Screened Posters And Digital Posters?
What'S The Difference Between Silk Screened Posters And Digital Posters? My Friends Collect Movie/Concert Posters And They Say Silk Screen Is The Best. Why Is That?

Digital printing is a more recent development where printing plates are used which result in a quicker and less expensive process. Inkjet and Laser printers are common examples which use the digital printing technique. Digital printers are very effective wen it comes to short turn around.The overall cost is highly reduced because the cost of building the plates is eliminated, whereas Silk Screen printing involves construction of a stencil usually out of a silk screen, where blank areas are coated with an impermeable substance and then ink is forced through the mesh onto the printing surface. Screen printing is considered more durable in terms of quality and it is highly cost effective when it comes to bulk printing. Digitally printed posters lose their texture and fade away over time but this is not the case with silk screened posters as they can retain their for quality for a relatively longer period when compared to Digitally printed posters.

Old Navy Clothing Website?
I Was Browsing The Old Navy Website And Saw A Coat I Really Like, I Have Been Wanting It For A Few Weeks Now But Haven't Had A Chance To Get It Yet. There Were A Few Different Colors In Every Size Of Course, But Now The Website Is Saying That There Is Only One Color Left And Only Available In One Size. Does That Mean That All The Other Color's Are Not Available To Buy In The Store And With That Last Color Left, That There Would Be Only One Size Left In Every Store? Or Is That Only For The Old Navy Online Store? If You Want To Visit The Old Navy Website, The Coat Is Under Outerwear And Called Pique Wool Blend Coat.

You can't go by the website to determine if the coat will be in your local store. Old Navy doesn't have that option, so the information it gave you about only having one size in that color only speaks for the online supply. The warehouses the online merchandise comes from is seperate from the local stores supply. Most of the time when you order online, it comes from several states away.

I just bought a coat at Old Navy tonight (literally) and I saw that exact coat you were talking about in the store. There were tons of them and in several different colors. I wasn't looking at those but I saw a few women trying them on. So, if you like the coat, then go to the store! I'm sure they will have many more colors and sizes there then what's available online. It also differs from store to store. So if one Old Navy location doesn't have it, go to a different one.

Hope that helps!

P.S. I wanted to add something I noticed about the coat. I don't want to sound rude, but whenever I saw someone try on one of those coats, they instantly looked pregnant! Of course there's nothing wrong with looking pregnant when you actually are, but I've never met a woman who wanted to look that way even when there was no pregnancy. It's the way the bottom half is shaped. It makes it look like you have a belly when you really don't. So, you should definitely head to the store to try it on and see if you like how it fits. Sometimes coats just don't hang on everyone's body the same way.