How Do You Block Dry A Garment?

Instructions to 'block dry' simply means to maintain the shape and size of the garment while it's drying.

Place the wet garment onto a flat, clean surface, carefully shaping it. Allow it to completely dry.

There are special laundry drying screens available in most home supply stores. They look like meshed screens that are supported a few inches off the surface. They allow the garment to dry faster due to air circulation and draining of water. If you use this method, place it on a waterproof surface.

I generally place the wet garment on the sloped back of the bathtub. The gravity helps to remove the moisture faster but there isn't enough gravity to stretch the material out of shape. Using this method, I place a bath rug under the edge of the back of the tub to catch any drips from the top of the garment.

You can also place the wet garment flat on a large garbage bag on the floor and shape it; turn a fan onto the garment to help it to dry faster.

Good luck!

Simple Easy Way To Make A Silk Screen/Screen Print On Paper (Like Andy Warhol)?
Simple Easy Way To Make A Silk Screen/Screen Print(Like Andy Warhol)? Video Tutorial Or Instructions Would Be Good?

Warhol used photographs for his screenprints. These were often treated with a process called posterization;
A different screen was used for each colour.

After that the screenprint process is the same for fabric or paper.………