What'S The Best Way To Launch A Small Screen Printing Business?
I'M A Graphic Designer And Have Always Had A Passion For Screen Printing T-Shirts. I Have Some Clever Designs That Have Been Printed By An Awesome Screen Printer In My Area. Besides Facebook, Business Cards In The Books At The Library, Traditional Marketing Etc, What'S The Best Way To Promote T-Shirts And Screen Printed Apparel?

Local markets, flea markets, community sales, are often simple vehicles to get the word out for something like this. Make sure you don't over price your product; get it out there and get people interested/excited about it - then work on making a profit.

Make sure the product you offer is original and appealing - and make sure people know you will do custom work.

Approach local athletic teams, other sporting groups, clubs, and any other organization that does promos and wants all their people in the same Tees. Even banks do that stuff these days.

You should do alright. Good luck.

Stretchable Animal Fur Garment?
Anyone Know About Stretchable Animal Fur Garment? It Is Unbelievable But My Friend Said That Her Firend Has Purchased In France Last Year!

First and foremost, people lie when they talk about furs because of furs reputation as a status symbol. It's possible your friends friend wasn't truthful. be that as it may; I've seen fur that has been honeycomb slashed and then painstakingly stitched by hand to stretch fabric, it was a small sample and it was prohibitively expensive and hand made in tiny lots for couture wear only. I doubt that anyone less than a millionaire could afford one of these little garments. There is an alternative and perhaps the alternative is what she meant.

It is possible that the garment wasn't made of a single hide in one piece, instead it was skilfully knitted from a yarn made of dyed fur that is somehow turned into strands. This yarn can be knitted so skilfully that it appears to a single piece of stretchy fur and not a knitted sweater. These pieces, while also expensive are far more affordable and easier to find.

Finally fake furs are quite well made these days and can fool the untrained eye. Fake furs are knitted fabrics and they can be quite stretchy, especially some fake leopards, tigers, cheetahs and other feline based furs. Indeed, if it was a feline based fur it's probable that it was a skillful fake because the trade of these animals is quite illegal.