Where Is The Garment District In New York City?
Hi What Is The Area Of The Garment District In Manhattan? Also Where Is The Area That Bags And Accessories Are Sold? Last What Is The Area Where Costume Jewelry Is Sold? I Know They Are Around In The Same Area I Know Broadway Is Involved But How Far West And East Does It Go And How Far South And North. Thanks!

The Garment District, also known as the Garment Center, the Fashion District, or the Fashion Center, is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan, located between Fifth and Ninth Avenues from 34th to 42nd Street. It has been known since the early 20th century as the center for fashion design and manufacturing in the United States.

The Garment District is the fashion center of New York City. Approximately one square mile in area, the district is bordered by the Javits Convention Center at the extreme west, the James Farley General Post Office, Penn Station, and Madison Square Garden in the center, and the Empire State Building in the east. The neighborhood is home to the warehouses and workshops of the fashion industry.

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Can I Use 2Pack Ink & Vinyl Ink In Printing On Tarpaulin By Silk Screen Process?

Tarpaulin by definition is a waterproof tarp. If the tarp you are printing on is a PVC then a vinyl ink should work as always you should print and cure a spot and do a cross-hatch test to make sure. As far as 2 pack ink ??? have no clue what you are talking about. The tarp should have a label as to the material content and you should call the manufacture of the ink brand you use to find what they suggest. Saves a lot of time and money.