What Is Garment Techpack?
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contains all the details of any specific style of the garment. This document is usually prepared by the designer and finalised in consultation with the merchandisers, and then forwarded to bulk sampling department or to the production department for the reference and guide for bulk manufacturing.
The Objective here is, once techpack for any style is frozen, the production department must be able to go ahead with the manufacturing process without having to refer back to the designer for any aspect of production. The merchandisers are thus able to go ahead and ensure that the required material as per the techpack is made available to the production department, in the right quantities at the right time. The marketing department can use this document in their presentation, particularly to the large format stores and their key customers. The preparation of a techpack and using it to manage and co-ordinate various activities in production brings in efficiency within the company as, various departments refers to the common document for discussion or carrying out any activity.
Almost all garment manufacturing companies prepare a techpack. In many cases, the cutting instructions or job card issued to production acts as the techpack. However, the details given in the techpack are likely to vary with the sizes of the company. Large manufacturing companies generally have a detailed techpack for each of the styles under production, for the simple reason that any manufacturing that is not in line with what was desired results in a huge production loss. For exporters, preparation of a techpack is almost mandatory, as the buyers prefer to sign on the techpack before placing the order or would send in a techpack themselves.

Where Can I Get Custom T-Shirts, That Are Fairly Cheap And I Can Get An Assorment Of Colors?
I'M Researching This For My Aunt'S Business. We Want To Get Shirts That Have Her Company Name And A Graphic On Them. But I Don'T Want To Spend An Arm And A Leg. I'M Hoping For Something Less Than $10. We Will Probably Buy Like 35 To 40. I Would Prefer To Have An Assortment Of Colors. But Any Info You Have Will Be So Helpful. Thanks So Much!!

You can easily make your own:
I am a beginner at this. I bought a product (in a kit) last week called "stencilpro" for my first attempt at making a silk screen t-shirt. This is a great product! To make your silk screen using this product or photoez, it does not take any chemicals. Check out this video 1. http://youtube.com/watch?v=3-Ur8zTEou0 2. http://youtube.com/watch?v=fIpDiVpU2YQ&m... 3. http://youtube.com/watch?v=6DkJyzEONUk&m...
Stencilpro is about the same product as photoez, but has a little longer shelf life.

I thought this looked to good to be true (but it is as easy as the videos show), but I made a perfect stencil on the first try, and my shirt turned out perfectly. You can reuse the stencils. All of my shirts came out very well, and as a plus using verstatex paint, if I made a mistake, I just washed the shirt before the paint dried, dried it, and tried again. I suggest buying stencil paint such as Versatex or Jacquard. I prefer Jacquard as the pigment seems finer, and it works with a higher resolution screen, but for shirts either is fine and I use standard resolution. You can purchase supplies and see customer samples at http://www.ezscreenprint.com/ and http://www.cbridge.com/
Make sure to heat set the paint on shirts or buy a fixer, this way the paint will adhere and not come off in the wash.
I think, if you are not going into business silk screening, Stencilpro & Photoez are perfect!! Now I am using my stencils on Glassware.

Or if you still want to buy some I suggest looking on Ebay
The benefit of making yourself is the cost, and you can choose the colors & sizes as needed, and change your logo without having a lot invested, and if possible buy your shirts on sale for more savings. And hey, why not sweatshirts, shorts, glassware! The possibilites are endless! Try it once and see if it is a s simple as I think it is :)
The products look professional.
Hope this helps!