Are Corsets A Dirty Garment?
I Was Thinking About Reducing My Waste, I'Ve Got A Sort Of Beer Belly, And Thought Of Buying A Corset Or Something Similar. I Saw, However, That There Is Something Sexual About It And Even Read That It Makes You Horny. Mostly Only Hookers Use That ( And Stripeers). Will People Think I Am A Dirty Person If They See Me With One? Thanks

The corset was originally intended as a support garment. Like a bra.

Some people fetishize brassieres when exposed, some see them as 'sexy', and some see them as 'dirty', and some see them as morally repugnant. The combination of these makes up a culture's view.

Anything can be blamed for making a person horny. A support garment is hardly an exception. Kidney Belts can serve a very similar function to corsets, but you hardly see anyone blushing over them.

If you're concerned, get one with the intent of wearing it under clothes (no huge buckles or anything), and get one that doesn't have a huge waist reduction (which you shouldn't get to start out with anyways). Underbust or Overbust is your choice - just make sure it's an actual corset.

There's nothing saying you're going to tightlace *ever*, but pay attention to people who do so you know what to look for.

Are There Any Screen Printing/Silk Screening Classes In The Bay Area, Ca?
I Taught Myself How To Screen Print Onto T-Shirts, But It Takes So Long To Do It Homemade Like This. I Would Like To Further My Knowledge To Fully Pursue This Hobby, But I Don't Know If There Are Any Workshops Or Classes On This Particular Subject In My Area. I Live In Between San Francisco And San Jose. Does Anyone Know Of Any Places That Have Classes And Resources Regarding Screen Printing And Silk Screening?

Well, I checked the Parks and Recreation website for MY town (San Carlos, California) and didn't find any classes on silk-screening. You might want to check YOUR city's Park and Rec website.

Silk Screening BASICS isn't that hard... I remember doing it in high-school art classes back in 1980.

This site has a instructional DVD for sale:

I checked the 2008-2009 catalog for Canada College and found nothing:

I also checked the 2008-2009 catalog for College of San Mateo and found nothing:

I hope you can find something !! GOOD LUCK !!