My Own T-Shirt Biz Q'S For 5*?
I Want To Start My Own T-Shirt Business , Ive Ben Told To Start Small With A T-Shirt Company And Hav Them Print It Till I Get Big Enough But How Am I Suppose To Do That Cafe Press Charges U 40 To 60 Dollars To Design Jus One Shirt There Isnt Enough Profit In It For Me To Do That And Ive Checked Out A Printer Thats 18,000 Dollars Its Called Ana Jet They Are Crazy..Screen Printing Is Too Time Consuming And Messy..Plz Ppl Help Wit A Good Website Or Som Advice Plz !

Outsourcing production might be feasible, in fact you might find it's not even the highest cost, the overhead of a retail store or per piece internet advertising cost may be as much as the actual production.

One lead, when I searched: T-shirt drop shipper, an ad for vistaprints would come up, a few months ago the price was $4.50 a shirt.

All in all this is a rather saturated highly competitive business, if you could corner a small market like being the sole provider for some band or sports team you might have an easier time than trying to find space on the internet, I recall another guy here who had created a nice little web site for his original designs and had not made a sale in more than a week.

(Yesterday some news piece showed a kid in India making Happy Face printed tshirts who earns the retail cost of one shirt in a month.)

Is There A Difference Between Silk-Screening And Screen Printing?

In process nothing. Silk screen printing came from the fact that screens were made of silk now that they are made from synthetic materials the name has switched to screen printing.