Difference Between Garments And Apparels?

Garments are for wearing and apparels for home furnishing

garment is basically consists of one or more fabric or leather pieces joined firmly with the help of thread, fabric and trims, into a well designed shapes ready for wearing ..e.g shirts , trousers, jackets, scarf, shorts, etc.

Apparels are slight different from garments it also consists of all these things but not for wearing ...e.g bed sheets , curtains etc

Lds, Mormons, How Much Can An Endowed Member Speak Freely Of The Garments After Endowmen?
And How Much Does A Pair Cost Nowadays! The Discussion Came Up Last Night And I Said Garments Cost About 75$ A Pair, But I Thought Otherwise, After Thinking About It, And Then I Said We Are Not Allowed To Talk About Anything In The Temple.

garments cost about 7$........you must have a temple recommend to purchase them

................they are a representation of the coat of skins given to adam and eve when they realized they were naked....
it is a guide for your modesty in clothing....you must wear clothing that hide the garment at all times.
..................if one has an accident and is blessed before hand...to remain on the earth because of a particular calling..the garment will protect you......
it carries with it...a certian memory of the covenants ..promises ,you make to God in the temple.....
it is sacred....

it is basically the respresentation of the garments jews wore and do wear to remind them of Gods laws
it is what is spoken of many times in the bible..." put on thy holy garments oh israel"

a mormon of 40 years and temple worker