How To Start A T-Shirt Business?
Hey Everyone. Thanks For Spending Time To Check Out My Question. I Am Thinking About Opening/Starting A T-Shirt Business. I Have A Graphic Design Background And Having Trouble On Where To Start. I Have Some T-Shirt Designs Available, Will You Please Check Them Out And Tell Me What U Think? Http://Homegear.Com/R/?Q=23125922&R=2769 Also Any Other Comments/Concerns Will Be Most Appreciated. Thanks

Starting a T-shirt business is ideal for crafty entrepreneurs that are creative spirits at heart. Starting your own T-shirt business can be your road to financial freedom. However, as with all start-up businesses, there will always be an element of risk. Increase your chances of success by creating unique and inexpensive T-shirts using the screen printing method, diversifying your selling venues and defining your target market.

Learn Screenprinting

1. The most common way to produce your T-shirts is to enlist the services of a professional printing shop. However, for a small start-up T-shirt business this can become quite expensive and greatly limit the amount T-shirts you can produce. Learning how to screen print will allow you to print your T-shirts inexpensively from your studio and allow you more creative control as to the final design. There are dozens of ways to do screen printing at home. But one of the easiest methods uses an embroidery hoop, Mod Podge, fabric ink and a drawing of your desired image. (See reference for tutorial).

Define Your Target Market
2. Your T-shirts won't be a hit with everyone. T-shirts that appeal to a mature female audience won't appeal to guys in college and vice versa. In order to properly market your T-shirts and make sales, you'll need to track down your target demographic. You do this by answering the following questions: What age group do my designs appeal to? What sex do my designs appeal to? What genres of music are they interested in? Answering these questions will effectively help you market your T-shirts to both wholesale accounts and direct customers.

Diversify Your Selling Venues
3. The more people that are exposed to your T-shirts, the more likely you are to make a sale. Creating an online presence for your T-shirt business will build a following for your T-shirts that will lead to direct sales and may even lead to wholesale inquiries. Popular online venues that will allow you to sell your T-shirts for a small fee are,, and Alternatively or additionally, you can choose to create a website to sell your T-shirts. Physical venues to sell your T-shirts are fairs, trade shows and farmer's markets. Don't forget about directly marketing your T-shirts to local boutiques and shops; wholesale accounts will account for the bulk of your revenue.

Mormon Garment?
What Is A Mormon Garment And Why Do They Have To Wear It?

The mormon temple garment is a physical reminder of the covenants that we as endowed member made in the temple. They help us to remember to keep ourselves clean and unspotted from the world. They are comfy cotton or cotton/polyester blend. Usually they are 2 piece but I have seen some that are one piece.

Yes. We are taught to wear them as the closest thing to our bodies. It isn't uncomfortable though.