Where I Can Find T-Shirt Screen?
I'M About To Print Some Shirt To Sale. I'Ve Been Looking For Some Inspiration To Design My T-Shirt Screen. Anyone Have An Idea About Those Screen?? Thanks

do you want to buy some or you want to know how to do it....go to a screenprinting forum, you can get lots of help. mclogans in downtown Los Angeles sells the supplies...in bulk also.... good luck and be patient

Questions About T-Shirts? Please Help!?
1. Is There Anywhere I Can Send In Blank T-Shirts And Get Them Printed? Would That Be Cheaper Than Getting The T-Shirts From The Printing Place? Also, Would It Be Illegal To Sell The T-Shirts With Original Designs (No Copyright What So Ever) And Donate The Money Made To Charity? Thanks For The Help In Advance!

you dont indicate quantity to be done here...

screen printing is costly set up to start with...gets cheaper w/qty....

when you factor in the freight costs of both directions it might be cheaper

to use his stuff for the making....the sale of the t shirts as you describe them

here would be considered 'casual sales' and shouldnt -present a problem as

long as you're not asking someone to violate copyrights/trade marks......