Please Help Me Know The Ways In Which A Garment Company Can Reduce Poverty?

The garment companies are famous for their 'sweat shop' practices - treating their employees in the far east (Cambodia, China, Vietnam etc) very badly, and have been known to use child labour.
They are however, a source of jobs for many. A factory job is considered something quite prestigous in Cambodia, for example, and it actually pays well, though the hours are extremely long. Women who work there send the money back to their poor families in rural areas. So in my opinion, the garment company must first and foremost respect the human rights of its human resources and pay them a FAIR WAGE. Yes, this does mean taking it out of profits. Better working conditions and legal protection for workers are needed to empower women in these factories - very important contributors to the incomes of their families, giving them the freedom to take action and use initiative as they see fit and therefore be able to make positive changes (poverty is not all about money, its about your capacity to exercise your rights and claim resources). Garment factories should be aware that they are responsible to environmental and social damage (like kids growing up without mums), and take steps to rectify this.
So all in all, its about garment factories stopping abusing people. One of the reasons companies like Nike, GAP etc can be so cruel to their staff is because the fabric industry is notoriously fickle. Economically speaking, its one of the most price sensitive products. If wages go up 10 cents in cambodia, the factory just moves to China. Hope this rant has helped you in some way ;)

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