Judaism Q About Priestly Garments In The Torah?
First Q: Is There A Special Garment Worn By Levites, Or Anyone In The Torah, That Resembles 'Scrubs' A Doctor Or Nurse Would Wear For Work, But Made From Linen Or Some Kind Of Nubby, Organic Fabric? Second Q: Does Anyone Have A Link To A Site Where I Can See A *Photo Or Drawing* Of An Ephod? I Am Finding A Vast Disparity In The Descriptions Online. I Am Wanting To Know What One Looks Like That Is Plain, Without Ornamentation, If Such A Garment Exists. Thanks!

The garments were only worn by Kohanim (the descendants of Aaron) while engaged in the daily Avodah (service in the temple). Levi'im (Levites) did not wear these garments as they were specifically for those engaged with the sacrifices and the services around the sacrifices (tending the alter by putting wood on the fire, putting carcasses onto the fire, clearing old wood and ash from the altar etc, cleaning the menorah, lighting the menorah and so on.)

The ephod was quite a garment, made of linen, purple thread, gold thread, with the shoshanim (stones) set in gold. The big discrepancy in pictures is when they depict it with or without the breastplate. The breastplate is a seperate garment, but since it was attached to the ephod and could not be removed, sometimes it is depicted as part of the ephod. Does a plain ephod exist? Nope- it had to be made from the specified materials with the gold and shoshanim and the breastplate attached to it. It was never worn on its own and only by the Kohen Gadol when he was engaged in services where he wore all 8 of the garments of the Kohen Gadol (as oppossed to the four of the ordinary Kohen).

The Temple Institute is run by a fairly extreme sect of orthodox Jews that basically have prepared everything for when the Mashiach comes and the Temple is rebuilt. The explanation of the ephod and breastplate:
http://www.templeinstitute.org/beged/pri... A picture of the Ephod on its own is towards the bottom of the page.

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