How Much Should I Charge For A Screen Printing Design?
I'Ve Been Screen Printing T Shirts For Awhile, But Always For My Own Sales, Band Sales, Or For Friends. Someone Saw One Of My Designs And Wants Me To Do The Screen Printing For There Festival. I Am Just Wondering What Most People Charge For A Moderately Difficult Design? Also How Much Per Shirt, Obviously Depending On The Cost Of The Shirts Themselves. Any Info Would Be Appreciated. Thank A Bunch.

the easiest way to find out what something like that costs is to call and try to purchase the identical services from a professional. perhaps Tanya's neighbor.

Mormon Temple Garments?
Does The Book Of Mormon Reference These Or Is It More Like Just A Religious Ritual Type Thing That Isn'T Directly Reference In The Book? Btw-I Know Some Mormons Don'T Like Public Discussions About The Garments, But I'M Just Curious--I Hope I Haven'T Offended Anyone.

Garments...yes, they are sacred to us so we don't talk about them a lot. But as a tangible symbol, they do come up so it's not strange that you're asking.

I have always explained that my garments are a symbol of a covenant that I made with God. They help me to remember to be modest in dress and actions (modest, I belive means not covering every part of me up, but not using extreme styles and being "conservative" in dress). It is an outward demonstration of an inward committment...

A lot of different religions have some form of clothing that they use for religious purposes:
-Jews put tassels on their cloaks and wear yarmulkes on their heads
-Muslims wear "hijab"
-Zoroastrians also have sacred underclothes
-Buddhist monks wear robes of a saffron colour, the colour being sacred

I feel that by wearing a garment under my clothes, it's a more personal committment. I don't have to share that information with anyone. As well, I wear it all the time. In this way I am able to remember my covenants all the time, not just when I am sitting in a chapel.

I hope that this wasn't too cryptic and I hope that it helped.