Clothes Help!!??
I Need Some Cute Enexpensive Clothes For School. Where Can I Go??

wet seal, here is the sales link

H&M, which is getting really hot here in cali. here is the shopping link
and their clothes are really trendy and hot but at a very good reseaonable price.

Forever21 is also a cheap and has very stylish clothes, here is the sales link
but the thing with forever21 is that sometimes the clothes are made with cheap material, so they break down easily, but some things are just as long lasting as others! so be careful!

all these stores are really trendy and IN right now, trust me im in school too! they have great prices and sometimes they have clothes that mimic designers. have fun!!

When Did People Start Wearing Clothes?
Since We All Know The Bible Is A Joke; When Did People Really Start Wearing Clothing?

170.000 years ago - - - -
"""Humans began to wear clothing 170,000 years ago, concludes a new study that suggests our ancestors first put on clothes after the second-to-last Ice Age, when being nude must have been too cool for comfort.

The evidence comes from seemingly very unfashionable lice, since scientists tracked when head lice evolved into clothing/body lice around 170,000 years ago. So lice have been with us since the world’s first clothes were made.

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(Viking attire circa 900 A.D. By this advanced stage, humans had created very sophisticated and colorful ways to clothe themselves. Credit: Annika Larsson)

The study, published in this month’s Molecular Biology and Evolution journal, explains how DNA sequencing of the parasites was used to calculate when clothing lice first began to genetically diverge from human head lice.

(Adult female, left, and adult male, right, head lice; Wikimedia Commons image)

“We wanted to find another method for pinpointing when humans might have first started wearing clothing,” said project leader David Reed, associate curator of mammals at the Florida Museum of Natural History, in a University of Florida press release. “Because they are so well adapted to clothing, we know that body lice or clothing lice almost certainly didn’t exist until clothing came about in humans.”

The findings reveal that our ancestors started to wear clothing long after they lost their ape-like body hair. Genetic skin coloration research shows that hair loss happened around one million years ago, long before modern humans emerged in Africa. Our ancestors were likely running around nude and relatively hairless for quite some time then.

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“It’s interesting to think humans were able to survive in Africa for hundreds of thousands of years without clothing and without body hair, and that it wasn’t until they had clothing that modern humans were then moving out of Africa into other parts of the world,” Reed said.

He added that our success and progression as a species has been made possible, in large part, to our “controlled use of fire, the ability to use clothing, new hunting strategies and new stone tools.”