Discovery Clothing??
They Just Built A New One By My House A Couple Days Ago And I Was Just Wondering If Anyones Been To One...I Heard That The Clothes Dont Cost Much At All But I Was Wondering If The Clothes Look Cheap Then!!!

The clothes are really cheap. But, the stitching is really bad sometimes. Not all the clothes are like that. Some are. Just make sure you look over the clothe 2 see any rips or loose stitches. b/c my sister bought a shirt with bad stitching and it fell apart. BUT, the clothes are SUPER CUTE!!!!

Ebay Clothes?
Do You Find Anything Wrong About Clothes That You Can Buy From Ebay? My Parents Are In A Financial Situation And I Dont Have Any Money To Buy Clothes. I Really Dont Have That Many Clothes Because Clothes Are So Expensive Now. Of Course I Would Wash Them When I Got Them. How Can I Convince My Parents To Let Me? Im Not Sure Why They Have Something Against It.

If you want second hand clothes, go to Good Will, or Value Village, or some second hand store like that near you. There you can see and smell the clothes in advance. And you can try them on.

I have never made a satisfactory clothing purchase on eBay. The clothes have never been as described. Either the measurements were wrong, or there were stains, or something else that made them unwearable.

Also, every single clothing seller on eBay will rip you off on shipping. There is some kind of bizarre conspiracy in just the clothing category. Every seller charges an outrageous amount for shipping. I have never seen this in any other category. When you add in shipping charges, you wind up paying the same price you could get something new for.