Cheap Clothing?
I Want New Spring Clothes Whts The Cheapest Palces? I Like Hollister Ae Abercrombie Aeropostale

Out of all your choices, Aeropostale is definitely the cheapest place. Recently, I just bought jeans on sale there for 7 dollars.

I'd recommend other places too, though.

Forever 21 has VERY cute and trendy clothes.
Charlotte Russe's graphic tees are very cute.
Wet Seal, in my opinion, is kind of like Charlotte Russe.
Strawberry is very cute, as well.
Joyce Leslie has some cute clothes.
Rave has some cute looking clothes, too.
Delia's has awesome spring clothes, but may be expensive.
Hollister is also kind of cheap and very cute.

I used cute a lot. Hah. But seriously, they are all very cute and very affordable. But best quality AND best prices, I would go for Forever 21. Some of the clothes there are actually good quality.

Tax On Clothing???? ( Pennsylvania) ?
In Pennsylvania How Does The Sales Tax On Clothing Work????

Clothing considered "luxury" is taxed, clothing considered necessities isn't. So you'll pay tax on fur coats and swimsuits, but not on shirts, underwear and socks. Sometimes it can get a little fuzzy just what's taxable and what isn't. Years ago I bought two identical pairs of sneakers for two of my kids - one bought in a department store wasn't taxed, but the same item bought in an athletic store was. I called the state on it, but they gave no real answers - it was ambiguous whether they were regular shoes, or athletic shoes.

Here's a link to the state web page with more info.