Clothes Tips!?
I Need Some Clothes Tips!

Here are 36 of the best clothing tips you will ever find.

Clothing Tip #1: The hotter your are the less clothes you can ware.
Clothing Tip #2: Belt matches the shoes matches the hand bag.
Clothing Tip #3: Orange will never be the new anything
Clothing Tip #4: Always ware clean underware
Clothing Tip #5: If you are at a night club underware is optional
Clothing Tip #6: If your shirt has holes it is a rag. If your pants have holes it is vintage
Clothing Tip #7: Mens not equal to short shorts.
Clothing Tip #8: If you shop at Limited Too then stand on a corner people will think you are a whore.
Clothing Tip #9: Sports jerseys must only be worn at the appropriate event and/or sports pub while going to watch the event.
Clothing Tip #10: If your pants are tighter than your girlfriends you have issues.
Clothing Tip #11: No white shoes after labor day.
Clothing Tip #12: If you are fat you are allowed to ware a dress as long as you can cross your legs.
Clothing Tip #13: Heavy Sweaters with an exposed middrift make no freaking sense.
Clothing Tip #14: Bra is optional in house only
Clothing Tip #15: Bikini shall not be worn after the age of 38
Clothing Tip #16: Tan lines are so 1970
Clothing Tip #17: Burn lines are so never.
Clothing Tip #18: If you are a guy and I can see your junk it ain't working.
Clothing Tip #19: Jeans + Gym = No
Clothing Tip #20: Men can ware a skirt as long as you can convince someone it is a kilt
Clothing Tip #21: Wareing anything but green on St. Pattys day is considered blastphemy
Clothing Tip #22: Your sunday best should stay sunday best.
Clothing Tip #23: If you are waring a scarf for anything but winter, hang yourself on it.
Clothing Tip #24: It is approprate to have two shoes that the size do not match.
Clothing Tip #25: Going to a Yankees game with your son while having the word **** on your shirt is a no-no
Clothing Tip #26: If your gut hangs out below the bottom of your shirt PUT DOWN THE FORK
Clothing Tip #27: When pregnant shop somewhere other than the Limited. No one is going to pick up you with a 5 lb lump on your stomach
Clothing Tip #28: If someone can mistake you as pregant do not ware tight clothes.
Clothing Tip #29: If you pay more than $10 for a single color plain t-shirt you need to reconsider your fasion sense.
Clothing Tip #30: Looking like Paris Hilton just makes people think you are as slutty as she is.
Clothing Tip #31: If you see someone ware something on runway you should never ware it. The only exeption is something form Victoria Secrets
Clothing Tip #32: I dare you to find me a use for an orange and purple tie.
Clothing Tip #33: If it don't fit don't force it
Clothing Tip #34: When I laugh at the way you are dressed there is a reason for it.
Clothing Tip #35: If ware a polo, tuck in your shirt and ware a belt.
... And Finally Clothing Tip #36: If it looks good ware it

Stores That Sell The Cutest Clothes?
Im A Teen,And I Love Clothes! What Are Some Stores With Really Cute Clothes! But Some What Affordable? Thanks!

1. forever21
clothes are super cute but the cheap price also sometimes come with a catch. alot of dresses are too sheer or too short but if you look really well now and then you'll find perfect outfits. also their stores tend to be a bit disorganized (atleast the one i go to) so sometimes online shopping really pays off when you cant find what you want in store but the minus is you cant try it on.
2. h&m
h&m is your best friend for superrr stylish clothes. alot of the more high quality clothes seem expensive to some people but when you look at the quality the prices are decent like a perfect dress for $30.
3. charlotte russe
charlotte russe sometimes pays off, but it might be a bit too adulty

but also a word of advice: don't worry too much about how you look to much,it honestly doesnt matter, work on being confident and try to make sure you won't have to wear nice clothes or makeup to be confident, that's what i'll really pay off and lots of guys find that more attractive in high school too. so good luck:)