What Are The Best Clothes To Get For Back To School And Where Do You Get Them???

ok youve found your PERFECT MATCH .ill tell you every thing you need 2 no.ok well it kinda depends on your style so...heres where id shop.STORES 2 LOOK OUT 4:Areopostale(clothing)Ambrocombie(cloth... Eagle(clothing)Delias(clothing)Claires&C... Icing(accesories)Old Navy(clothing)Hollister(clothing)DSW(sho... Payless(shoes,and if you like high heels go here)Limited Too(shoes,clothes&accesories) and just go look around in the mall. window shop. youre bound 2 find something. :)go to the web sites and search.Ok and ive only anwsered half of your question here are some of my favorite clothes:denim mini skirts (expensive),plaid shorts,dark wash jeans,knit tops@areopostale,logo tees(@ delias)half sleeve tees,And well i reeeeeeeeeeely hope i awnsered your question GOOD LUCK by by(:

Swine Flu On Clothes?
Do The Swine Flu Virus Live On Clothes?

It is not likely to live on clothes. The reason is that clothes don't have the right properties to "feed" the virus until it is transferred to a "host". It can only survive on surfaces such as counters, door knobs, etc., they have the right properties, and are usually not cleaned often enough. If those are disinfected regularly, the virus does not survive.
This next statement is to - Trust Us: I think you need to go to and read up on your swine flu, maybe you should read up on other sicknesses as well. I don't know where you are getting your information, but you are giving misleading and unfounded information.
To those that keep saying that it is airborne. Yes the virus is airborne, BUT it's not from people sneezing and coughing around you. They can sneeze or cough into their hands, and then touch something like a door knob or computer keyboard, and the virus will survive there for a time. That is why it is VERY important to Sneeze or Cough into a barrier, such as a tissue, handkerchief, or crook of your elbow (arm). It is also VERY important to wash your hands regularly, and keep your hands away from your face, especially the eyes, nose and mouth. Always wash your hands before you eat.
Just a little note: The regular old influenza A kills thousands of people each year. The swine flu is NOT any deadlier, and it is less contagious.