What Did Clothing Signify In Colonial Society?
Clothing Styles Varying By Class

Clothing is very important in bringing in the temporality of state-society relations & revealing a wider division between cultural time and state time. the kind of clothing were they wear when they get off work, the constant shifting of the self presentation of individuals, & its implications for new thinking about state-society relations. Clothing as we know, is as what people use to cover their bodies, but d additional accessories or body supplements or modifications used is to accentuate and/or exaggerate one's height as a way of eluding or confronting power. How? Since
Clothing is also a language in which people express their identities, affiliations, & values, & more importantly, it is a language that can be readily changed in different social contexts.
"Shapeshitting," so to speak, is a very central strategy for social actors wishing to penetrate d state & for d state to penetrate society. Thus, like social actors, the state changes clothes as well. Considering clothing enables us to investigate when people become entangled in d web of the state, its time, & its modes of identification, & when they elude d state, slip into more comfortable arrangements in terms of both dress & social relations, & take personal control over their outward appearance.

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