Baby Clothes?
What Are The Best Stores To Buy Cute Baby Clothes?

I love love love Gymboree! I dont mind spending the extra bucks on cute clothes because I save and reuse them for future kids. They also have a high resale on e-Bay and Craigslist. I cant stand Walmart or Target brands that shrink and fade after one wash, or have buttons that fall off. One of my favorite hobbies is photography, mainly of my family. So I like having that extra touch for spur of the moment shots. Gymboree also sizes there clothes slightly larger so they fit longer and most (if not all) have the adjustable waist bands. I also like how they coordinate sets that you can mix and match, not just for one kid, but for the entire family!

My top list of Favorite stores are-
Baby Gap
Old Navy (great clearance racks for "play clothes" that are still good quality)

The ONLY clothes that I like from Walmart are the Carter's cotton pajamas. Those hold up after quite a few washings, but they can go a little over board with the flame protectant tightness deal. I always buy them a size larger as my poor kid's arms look like sausages in them!

T-Shirt Printing..Iron On Transfers Or Printer?
I Want To Start My Own T-Shirt Printing Business. I Was Thinking Of Getting A Direct To Garment Printer, But They'Re Very Expensive. I Don'T Really Want To Use Iron On Transfers Because When The Design Is Ready It Doesn'T Really Feel Like It'S A Part Of The T-Shirt. Is There Any Transfer Paper That Doesnt Leave This Effect? Where The Results Are Smooth?? Also, Can U Name Any Cheap Direct To Garment Printers :) Thanks

I wish that I too could afford a direct to garment printer too!

If you want to get out on the cheap, do not skimp on the heat press. This is perhaps the most important part of your business if you want to do a good job and get repeat business.

Next, until you are in business, you will be paying retail for iron on applications.

Dye sublimation and chromablast both use paper and special inks, they are also for different fabric. Yes, they both leave a residue that washes out the first time, or you can trim the paper closer to the print.

I trim closer, for big jobs I order applications from a jobber.

after you are established, join ASI or SAGE, now you can buy quality tee shirts for under $2.00 each, print, sell for $14.00. You have to sell a LOT of shirts to afford a DTG printer.