How To Make T-Shirts?
If I Have A Picture How Do I Make It Where I Can Put It On A Shirt? I Want It To Be Transparent And I Want To See What The Finished Design Will Look Like.

by contacting a DTG printer...

I have my own clothing label that i have designed using DGT printing..

What Do I Need To Know About Buying A T-Shirt Printing Machine?
I Want To Start My Own Clothing Line And Since Its Going To Be Me And A Couple Of Friends Working On It We Figured That It Be Easier If We Made Our Own T-Shirt Designs And We Want To Print The Designs Ourselves Onto The Shirt(We Want To Do Everything Ourselves). But What Do I Need To Know About A Printing Machine? I Dont Want My Designs To Look Cheaply Made When I Put Them On The Shirts. So Whats The Perfect Machine For Us To Get? (We Only Have $3,000 To Buy The Machine)

There are different methods to print your design to a t shirt. In my opinion, the three best

DTG - Direct to Garment. This is basically a printer that prints direct to your material.
Heat Sublimation - You print with a special ink on a special printer and then heat transfer to your material
Silk Screening - for higher volume prints. Ink is applied direct to material from your screen

Each has some pro's and con's. The t-Shirt business is more involved than just buying some equipment and printing. I suggest you become a member of the tshirt forum and READ a lot. It is an excellant source of information.

Alternatively, you can design your products and have someone else print your shirts while you determine which method you like best and can save more money. Places like cafepress, vistaprint, knickknacks4less