I Have A Design And Want To Make A T Shirt. What Are The Top 3 Ways To Do This?
I Have A Design. I Go To Art School. I'M Sure Someone Here Can Help Make A T-Shirt But I Don'T Want To Spend Too Much. I Want To Upload A Design Of Mine Onto A Computer Then Use It On A T-Shirt.

1) Screen printing ( best ) stick to a one colour print
2) Inkjet transfer, only works well on white but any number of colours and you can do these yourself
3) Search for a Direct to Garment or DTG T Shirt service in your area



How Do I Wash Clothes.?
How Do U Wash Clothes My Mom Said I Need To Start Washing My Clothes. Tell Me Step By Step. Thx

1. Divide your clothes up. Jeans/pants. Shirts/undies/other clothing. Towels/rags/socks.
2. Put the load that you want washed into the washer (clothes you can usually wash in cold so they don't fade)(towel loads can be washed in warm water). If it's a small load and only comes up a little way in the washer then put load on 'Mini' or smallest option. If it comes up half way then put on 'Medium'. If comes up almost to top (don't over fill) then it's a 'Large' load.
3. After you've figured out what size load and selected which temperature to wash on..get your detergent and read the instructions on what size load you have to how much you fill the detergent to in the provided lid or scoop. Hint: If you use powder, then you should put the detergent into the washer and turn the water on before you put your clothes in so that it won't clump up all over your clothes. Turn your water on and put detergent in. You will have to decide on how long of a cycle to put it on..usually 18 mins, 12 mins, 6 mins...depends on how soiled and dirty the clothes are. I usually use the 12 minute cycle on everything.
4. Shut lid and let them wash until they are through.
5. Remove and put into dryer..use it on Normal Dry for most things. Put on about 30 minutes depending on the size of load and what you are drying. Jeans take a little longer and towels also. Shirts and undies usually don't take as long. If the buzzer goes off and they are still wet, then turn the dryer back on and check them every so often (10 mins or so). Thats it! Since you're new at washing..don't bother with bleaches..you may mess something up.