How Much Does Each Print Generally Cost In Dtg Direct To Garment Printing?
I Realize There Are Different Printers, And It Depends On How Dark The Garment Is... Lets Just Say A Light Blue Shirt With An Average Dtg Printer And A 8&Quot; X 8&Quot; Print Area. I'D Like To Know Roughly How Much Each Print Would Cost (In Ink/Chemicals, Etc.). I'Ve Heard It'S A Few Cents, And I'Ve Heard It'S Like $6. Thanks!

The best people to ask work at

They do full-color direct-to-garment printing. I've used them once before. I got a t-shirt printed that had a dead cockroach on the breast like some shirts have an alligator or polo-guy. On the back was a large version of the roach with "I see dead bugs." above it. The combo of the shirt and printing on front and back was about $20... maybe $22. The front print was about 2 x 3 and the back print was about 12 x 10.

Where Can I Find A T-Shirt With Chris Evans As Captain America On It?
My Girlfriend Really Wants A Shirt With Chris Evans On It As Captain America On It And I Would Love To Get It For Her For Her Birthday, Please Help. Even A Great T-Shirt Design Company Would Help

you can ask to print it for you, it's only $13 something but you'll get premium dtg t-shirt. they really cool man.