Dtg Flexi Jet Printer Giving A &Quot;Remove Paper&Quot; Message?
Just A Few Days Ago I Moved My Dtg Epson 4800 Shirt Printer Into A New Location. Originally It Was Working Completely Fine! But Now It Keeps Giving Me A &Quot;Remove Paper&Quot; Message. Why Would It Give Me This Message? And How Can I Make It Stop? It'S Becoming A Little Frustrating And I Have Some Orders To Fill :(. I'Ve Searched All Over For Answers And Even Tried Calling People Who Work On Them But They Haven'T Gotten Back To Me And I Don'T Know When They Will ( Or If They Will ). Thank You Guys In Advance For Your Time And Help!

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How Do You Create Images For Screen Printing Or Just For T Shirts?
I Need To Figure Out What Kind Of Software I Could Use To Design T Shirts, Cause I Know That Some People Just Do It At Their House. As Long As I Can Just Get The Design Made And On The Computer So I Can Post Them, Im Fine But I Still Need To Get Tehm Made. Any Help Will Be Appreciated!

I have used a simple word processor (Microsoft Word is one) and I have used Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator is a bit more complex but makes placement of photos with text a bit easier. Then I use my own printer ( a Epson R220) to print on T-shirt transfers available at Staples (and, I am sure, other places as well). Then it is to the Ironing board with the T-shirt and transfer. It isn't hard.