I Want To Start A T-Shirt Business But I Don'T Know What Dtg Printer And What Heat Press To Buy ..?
I Don'T Want To Pay Alot Of Money But I Want Good Quality Printing .. Thank You

Good Deed right about the price. but if you consider about quality, DTG is the best technology right now.

Here I tell you a magic trick. Contact them:
They have DTG printer at east cost and ready to ship worldwide. You can design and sell to anyone at anyplace without buying printer or press.

If you're ready you can move to investment.

Screen Printing A Full Print T-Shirt/Hoodie/Etc?
I Recently Aquired A Screen Printing Frame And Other Materials, And Have Successfully Made A Few Prints On Clothes. However, Recently I Have Seen Full-Print Hoodies (Aka Seamless Repetitive Design Over Entire Clothing). I Have A Slight Idea On How To Do This, But Could Someone Please Elaborate On The Technique On How To Screen-Print This(If Not Possible With Screen Printing, How Else It Is Done)? Thanks =]

i screen print to and the way clothing companies make full print clothing is they print on material and then make that material into a jacket or shirt
the only way you could screen print this would to have a frame bigger than any size t you have say like 3ft by 3ft. cover it head to toe with your emulsion and expose the repeating design
when you print it you will waste allot of ink and allot will miss the shirt and get onto the table your printing on.
then you heat dry your ink and print on the other side of the t.
that's the only way you can print it perfectly all over the shirt
and i don't really recommend it