What Is Markav Clothing?
What Is Markav Clothing And Are They Legit?

MarKav Clothing Co.™ is a new and fresh clothing franchise introduced spring of 2008. MarKav Clothing was established by CEO Mario Quinn Lyles the year of 2003. Mario's vision for a new style of clothing started in his junior year of high school. While attending high school Mario noticed a big difference in what people wore and how it defined them, however there was a lot of segregation associated with what people wore. His dream was to eliminate segregation by creating a product that everyone can benefit from. A diverse collection of apparel, appealing to multiple audiences is what MarKav offers. MarKav Clothing Company’s vision is to inspire everyone to walk in confidence by making their own choices. Every design is uniquely crafted to articulate, convey and establish unity, freedom, and self love. As a company MarKav understands people and their differences, however we believe that people long for the same things. Markav believes happiness, wealth, and peace is that in which all people respectfully desire. Markav BELIEVES THAT HAPPINESS ISN'T GIVEN NOR IS ANYTHING ELSE...IT'S A CHOICE... a state of mind! With these attributes infused into every design, people will feel good about & connected to what they wear and feel better about living. Markav Clothing Co. YOUR definition of style, YOUR CHOICE.™

Could Someone Please Tell Me How To Screen Print A T Shirt For Free?
Someone Died At Our School Her Name Was Taylor She Got Hit By A Train! And We Need R.I.P T Shirts But I Need To Make Them Online Shipped And No Paying To My House! Because Help Meeee! Everyone Has Really Lost A Great Person We Loved Her She Was The Captain Of The Cheerleading Team... She Died... And She Also Had The Most Amazing Smile Please Help! Thank You!

You can't have people make things for you for free. You can make things for yourself and others for free. How to screen print:

1. You can go buy screen printing kits at art supply stores or craft stores like Michael's. But that isn't free.

2. Find an old picture frame, preferably something 8.5" x 11" because that will determine your image size/printing field. You can dumpster dive or get one for a few cents at a thrift store. (But buying things isn't free I guess.)

3. Find a gauzy curtain that is finely woven. The size of the weave will determine how fine you can print. This fabric should be of a synthetic material, like organza. Or, some art supply stores sell real screen printing fabric by the sheet or by the yard, and I would recommend that the most.

4. Staple your fabric over your picture frame. It should be as taught as a drum, with no odd ripples or wrinkles. (Google "how to stretch a canvas" for a similar technique.)

5. Now you have your screen. The side that is all flat is the one you will place on your shirt. The side where the frame forms a shallow tray-like space is the side you will print from. Lightly draw in pencil what you want to print.

6. You can literally buy screen filler to fill in your screen, or you can just use white glue or modge podge to mask out the areas you DON'T want printed.

7. Apply a long bead of screen printing ink, regular ink, or watered down acrylic paint along the top edge of the masked off part of the screen. Using a folded up piece of cardboard, draw the ink over the design using firm even pressure. (You might want to use one hand to hold the screen, or have someone else hold the screen as you do this.) You might have to make two or more passes, depending. Use a spare shirt as a test print.

Ta-dah, you have a screen printed shirt for as close to free as possible.

Other ways to put designs on t-shirts: cut out a stencil, spray paint over it, get iron-on transfers and follow the instructions, get fabric markers and go to town.