What Kind Of Cloth Do You Use For Making A Silk Screen?
Im Trying To Print T-Shirt Using My Own Silk Screen. But Im Not Sure What Kind Of Cloth To Use For The Silk Screens. Any Ideas? Thank You! [:

You can go to most arts and crafts supply stores and pick up some silk screen material. It's no longer made from silk, but a more durable nylon mesh. You can get it pretty much any size you want, but, like most fabric, it's sold by the linear or square yard.

T-Shirt Screen Printing?
Anyone Know A Wicked Cheap Site That Does Screenprinting?? I'Ve Been Loooking But The Best Deal I Can Find Is Around 15 Dollars. I'Ve Been Told To &Quot;Go Strait To The Dealers For Cheap Printing&Quot; But Idk Wtf That Means. Any Help??

I'm a former screen printer and printing is a mass production process. It takes several hours to set the job up. All of that work isn't worth 1 t-shirt, especially if it is multiple colors. The price goes down per unit the more you buy. $15 is a steal if this is a one of a kind shirt you are asking them to print. I wouldn't touch a one off job for that.