Screen Printing Question - T-Shirts?
Is There A Site Out There That Allows You To Order Custom Clothing 1 At A Time? Such As T-Shirts, Hoodies, Etc. Nothing Fancy, Just The Kind Of Service That Prints Pictures On A Shirt Or Whatever. I Think It'S Called Screen Printing. Anyways, I Can'T Find One That Lets You Order Just 1 Shirt. You Have To Order In Bulk. I Realize The Reasons For This. So Is There A Site Out There That Lets You Order Just 1 Shirt At A Time?

If there is, it will be expensive, espceially for a silk screened tee. I had a friend that worked at a sceen printing shop and I know that there is a set up fee, then you have to pay for each screen. Now, every color you use will be on a different screen, so the less color you have, the cheaper it will be. You're probably better off buying your own silk screen mateirals and ink, and doing it yourself.

Source For Printer That Will &Quot;Print&Quot; A Mesh Image For Screen Printing???
I Once Worked On A Pc That Printed To A &Quot;Printer&Quot; That Would &Quot;Print&Quot; An Image, But The Image Would Be Tiny Holes That You Could Use For Screen Printing. I Have No Idea The Name Of The Printing Method, Nor A Source For Such A Printer. Any Help Would Be Greatly Apprecitated. More Info: The Printer Would Literally Punch Tiny Tiny Holes In The Thin ?Plastic? Or Laminated Paper So You Could Put The Paper In A Frame And Screen Print The Design Through The Paper Onto T-Shirts Etc. I Used Illustrator To Design The Image, And Would Just Send To Printer Without Any Special Software. I Am Desperately Trying To Find This Device For My Business. Please, Any Help At All Would Be Greatly Appreciated.

The printers that print the actual screens in screen printing arent cheap. Its a little more complex than you think. You would need the screen making hardware unless you bought pre made screens and they aint cheap. You would also need the hardware and chemicals to etch the printed screen. Do a silk screen search, silk screen printers, etc