Where/How To Screen Print T-Shirts?
I Want To Make Have My Own Custom T-Shirts. I Don'T Know How To Screen Print. So Im Kind Of Don'T Want To Do It Just Yet. And Was Wondering What Are Some Good Websites Where I Can Send Them My Design And They Send Me The Shirt. Or Should I Just Try Screen Printing First? What Materials Will I Need Or Can Some Just Give Me A A Link To An Excelletnt Tutorial Thank You ^^

If you want to make your own T-shirt and only you (like not selling them to anyone else), I would suggest the DiatrictLines website. There, you can use your own images and make your own shirt/jacket. I'm not really sure how you make your own design (if you're a really good artist, you could try Paint for Windows and maybe convert it into an image) (I'm not very clear how), but you can use any image you have saved onto your computer and add a subtitle or a caption. Then DistrictLines takes the design and prints it onto a shirt! I believe that's how they do it anyway... xD. I really hope this answer helped and if it didn't, well, there's always YouTube! Hope I helped and I bet once you do get your shirt, it'll look totally legit. Happy shirt-making!! (>^-^<) <(^-^)>

I Am Trying To Make My Own Screens For Screen Printing.I Would Like To Know What Material I Need To Buy.?
I Am Going To Get Them Professionally Printed But To Cut Down Cost I Am Going To Make My Own Screens. I Bought The Canvas Bar Stretchers For The Frame Of The Screens, But I More So Need To Know What Material/Mesh I Need To Use. Can Anyone Help Me With This Process?

Many art supply stores will carry screen printing supplies, including rolls of screen printing mesh. This mesh has not used silk for many years. Now days it is made from some kind of artificial fabric like nylon.

When you find the store that carries the material, you can purchase it by the yard, or linear foot. Depending on the individual designs, you may need at least four different screens made, perhaps even more.

Canvas stretcher bars may not be sturdy enough for your purpose. I used to use one by two, or one by three inch frames, mitered and reinforced at the corners.

Good luck.