Screen Printing Help!!! T-Shirts?
Okay So I'M Planning To Make A T Shirt By Screen Printing, Like How You Iron It It On And Stuff And I Have Some Questions. 1.)What Is That Paper Called Then You Put On Top Of Your Printed Picture When You Iron It? Also I Want To Our This Design On It Http://Imjustoomuch.Tumblr.Com/Post/16331249272/Lol-Face-Spam-My-New-Sweatshirt [Not Me] And I Want To Out That Bieber Label Thing On There Where Do I Get The Label From? Cause I Really Really Want To Put It On My Shirt That I Have At Home. And It Has To Be The Same Exact One With Like Black Words And Stuff In Conclusion Where Do I Get The Paper [Read Above] And Where Do You Get The Bieber Labs That I Want To Put On My Shirt? Best Answer Wins 10 Points. Please Help Me! Thanks!

I think you should go to the library and check out a book on screen printing.
In screen printing the design is printed directly on the shirt.
Transfers are made by screen printing a design on a piece of transfer paper, backwards.
Unless you want to invest in the equipment you should probably just find someone to do it for you.

On the other hand screen printing is reasonably easy and a fun way to make some extra money so it is worth learning how but I am afraid there is not time or space here to teach you how.

Go to a search engine and look for how to do screen printing. I would bet there are some utube videos too.

How Can I Print Silk?
My Printer.... O.O??

You mean on silk, the fabric? And do you want to print like a pattern or an image on it?

You obviously can't put it through a regular computer printer, it wouldn't work. But have you researched silkscreening? Here is a link to an intro on it: . It's usually how professional printers put images on things like t-shirts.

Basically, they put an image on a fine mesh screen on a frame (it used to be made of silk, hence silkscreening) and lay it flat and secured on whatever they're transfering the image on, like a t-shirt or a poster. Then, they put ink on the top of the screen and sweep it through the frame, which transfers the image onto whatever is being made (the ink is creamy, not runny like pen ink). You could do it yourself, but it takes some learning and some practice (you could see if they offer a class at a community college or a community center nearby).

However, since it is silk you want to print, you should take it to a professional printer who works with textiles to see if it can be printed on. It could be to slippery to print on, the fabric may be too porous (like the woven mesh of the fabric is too far apart) or they may suggest a different method. (The only problem with working with a professional printer is that you usually have to buy a lot of it for it to be printed)