Silk Screening: Other Than Online Sites, Where Can I Purchase Emulsion And Synthetic Polyfilament Mesh?

For emulsion try Nazdar Source One ( (800.767.9942) and for mesh try Dynamesh (800.235.5056) these are a couple of the suppliers we use. You can go to which is home to Screen Printing magazine and look up several other options.

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Surfboard Glassers : Can Silk Screen Fabric Be Used In Place Of Fiberglass Cloth?
Is It Safe To Use Silk Screen Fabric, The Cloth Used For Printing Shirt Designs, As A Fiberglass Cloth Alternative? I'D Like To Know If Anyone'S Ever Tried Glassing This Onto Foam Or Hws Boards And If It Works As Well As Fiberglass Cloth. Thanks For Sharing!

No. You can put the silk screen cloth on top of your first coat of resin, or perhaps even better, on top of your sanding coat, and then glass over it, but it can't be substituted for fiberglass cloth. Fiberglass cloth "melts' for want of a better word, and bonds with the resin. Your silk screen cloth won't. You can glass on the silk screen cloth as a means of decoration, but you would be better off screening your design on rice paper, and glassing that on.