What Type Of Silk Screen...?
I Am Returning To Silk Screen Printing After Some Years,Though Back When I Did It There Was Only Stencils No Computer And Burning Images Onto Screens Etc. However I Was Hoping Someone Might Be Able To Shed A Bit Of Light Onto What Mesh Count I Might Need, I Know You Need Different Counts For Iether Detail Or Large Areas Of Colour For Example But I Am Confused Because There Seems To Be A Lot Of People Saying That You Need Different Mesh Count For Certain Types Of Colour...Is This So...As I'M Printing Onto Paper Only Not T-Shirts

Paper is more forgiving than T-shirts when it comes to mesh count. But if you are going to do photographic stenciling you may want to watch this tutorial:

It's surprisingly easy compared to making stencils by hand.....kinda.

T-Shirt Screen Printing Help ?
Ok Im New To The Screen Printing Buiz And I Wanted To Know If You Can Reuse Your Screens After They Are Used ? And How Exactaly Does The Emoltion Work When You Put On Screen And Put Transparancy Behind How Does The Transparancy Image Burn Into It ? And Why Is It So Easy To Wash Out The Black Part That Is Burned In

You can reuse screens and if you want to make money you must reuse screens. You need emulsion remover for the type of emulsion you are using and a power washer to clean the emulsion out of the screen.

The emulsion is photosensitive. You add a activator to the emulsion then coat the screen, after the emulsion drys you place the film (transparency) on the screen, to get a good image you need to burn the screen under vacuum. The image can then be washed out. The reason the emulsion is easily washed out is that it is uncured and is not harden into the mesh. The black keeps the light form hardening the emulsion. I am assuming you are using a water based emulsion so you want to keep it dry until it is burned.

Good Luck