What Is The Fastest Way To Screen Print T-Shirts?
I Have A Yudu, However I Want To Know The Fastest Way To Screen Print T-Shirts With Multiple And Different Images.

I agree with the answer above, the better the equipment you have the easier and quicker it will be to screen print faster. A lot of people say that WORKHORSE is a good brand for screen printing equipment. Anyway, it sounds like you're planning on doing a lot of printing. I was just wondering if you were buying wholesale blank t shirts or if you were buying your own retail. If you're running a business, you can save a lot by buying your blank shirts wholesale. The reason I ask is because I run an online wholesale blanks website. I will provide the link in the source box if you'd like to check it out! Oh yeah, and good luck with all that screen printing!

What Exactly Is An Art Director?
I'M Seriously Considering This As A Career, But I'M Still A Bit Unclear With What They Do. I'D Like To Be An Art Director For Films Or Television, If That'S Possible. I'M Still In High School, But Is There Anything I Could Do To Help Start Me Off A Bit? I Mean, My Grades Aren'T The Greatest, I Have Like A 3.5 And I Take Honors And Ap Courses. Well Anyways, Is It A Steady Job, Or What Sort Of University Should I Attend Or The Sorts Of Classes I Take During My Time Spent Through University? Or The Type Of Salary They Make? I Have The Basic Idea Of What They Do, But If Possible I'D Like To Get More Of A Deeper Idea. Sorry For All The Questions!

I was Art Director at a company in Nevada. We did silk screen printing on slot machine glasses for the main part of the business. Some was quite technical with dimensions for slots, specific functions. Now they seem fairly generic. like cartoons, with straight Plexiglas.

I designed logos, designed machine glasses, conferred with clients, set deadlines, scheduled all projects, worked with the print department, fixed any problems with the printers, specified inks, colors. drew up ideas, did lay-outs, had ideas approved and adjusted. Created new designs according to the needs or the new designed game. went to conventions, and had meetings with the owner.

If anything went wrong, it was on me. I also did all the proof reading and art proofing before sending to the printers, ordered supplies, explained projects to artists, trained artists on equipment, hired an fired. Things are much different these days. The equipment makes everything so much easier. I had to use a modifier and paste-up by hand. Everything today is computer generated and layouts are incredibly easy.

I may have repeated myself, or left somethings out. Mostly you need good creative skills and to be able to communicate your ideas or concepts to an artist so they can understand what is needed. You need to be able to supervise them in a positive, creative, productive way, and also manage all your other responsibilities, and keep the schedules. Expect the unexpected, you'll need an even temperament...at least controlled under pressure. I had a degree in Art, and then went to a Commercial Art school in Houston. (no longer there) This was where I developed my portfolio-so critical for an artist/art director.

I didn't just start out as director..but had a great portfolio and my resume got me in the door. As I said, this was awhile ago, Everyone else had a "normal" resume. Mine was 1 page with basic history, a small copy of a glowing reference, and a lot of line art and printed designs along the left and right edges. This unique touch to the intro. afforded many great opportunities. People just wanted to meet me because the resume was so different, yet classy. Be a bit different, and you'll stand out-(nothing forced or garish) No matter what kind of art, the basics are probably going to be similar.

The work was steady until the company we did all the printing for opened their own art department and screening company. I didn't choose to work for the other company. The pay was higher than average then, probably less now, on average. Putting together art work is simpler in many ways. If you know computer work, that will be what you want to study-all the effects, and possibilities. You need a have or develop a very innovative, creative mind.

I did love it (if you couldn't tell) and was really good at it.