Where Can I Buy A Graphic T Shirt Machine?
Is It Like A Printer Or Something? Can You Give Me A Link To A Website Or Company? Thanks P.S. Don'T Say Google Or A Search Engine, Already Looked There

Yes, silk screen printing machine: http://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=A0ge...

Original art is photographed on a Stat Camera creating a Film Positive that is placed on emulsion coated screen, exposed, mounted on printer, register (allign), add ink and squeegie...multiple colors must be printed separately (requires art, film positive, silk screen for each color.)

What Is The Difference Between Digital And Screen Printed T Shirts?
I Honestly Don'T Which Is Which.. Does One Of Them Have A Different Feel To Them Or Something?

1. Digital printing only uses water based inks (breathes much much better). Screen printing uses mainly plastisol (plastic) inks but can also use water based inks (rare. must be requested).

2. Digital printing has no limitations on the amount of colors in an image and prints what the digital image shows. Screen printing is very limited on the amount of colors that can be printed (1 to 12 colors max).

3. Digital printing uses a heat press (huge iron that clamps down on the shirt) rather than an oven that is used for screen printing. This gives Digital printing it's soft feel.

4. Since Digital printing is like a desktop printer, you can just get one shirt printed rather than having a minimum (usually 48).

5. Sometimes it is very hard to tell which is which just by touch unless it is a screen printed shirt that uses very heavy plastisol inks. It will feel very thick, rough, and heavy.