How Much Will Print Screening T Shirts Cost?
Like What Are Typical Costs For Equipment And How Much Does Printing The T Shirts Cost? Can'T Find This On The Internet, Thanks.

Check ebay and craigslist to see what the equipment is selling for.

It depends on how many "stations" (number of shirts) and colors you want to be able to do.

Expect to spend probably about $1000 - $2000 to get anything close to equipment you can use to make shirts good enough to resell.

Throw in another $500 - $1000 for a heat press or more for a "belt dryer".

Then you have to find a place to set it up for operation, might have to rent some warehouse or office space.

Then inks, screens and the chemicals and equipment needed to make the screens. Probably at least another $500 - $1000.

They you need to decide if you want to keep a stock of shirts on hand to get a better bulk price, or smaller more expensive orders of just enough to fill an order when you get it. Probably have to order about $500 worth of shirts to get a decent case pricing. There are 72 shirts to a case. If you want a case of S, M, L, and XL you are looking at 288 shirts by about $1.75 each when you include shipping. XXL and XXXL are more expensive. And those are just for white shirts. If you want colored shirts also you need a case of each of those. You can order shirts by just the dozen instead of whole cases, but they will have a higher "each" price. You also need to find/pay storage space for all of these, and probably racks.

Then, the most expensive thing, you have to advertise either your shirt printing service or your shirts (or both).

Do you need to pay someone to build a website for your new business? Someone to design the shirts?

If you can get past all that, Have Fun!!!

If you just want to get some shirts printed Check out

They do FULL COLOR printing on the front, back, sides and sleeves with NO SCREEN CHARGE.

They have lots of options and upgrades. Including an option for 1 shirt. There is even an option to get the 1 shirt free.

They also do single shirt drop-shipping at

(Yeah, they are my sites)

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