Does Ac Moore Do Screen Printing For T-Shirts?
Tomorrow Is Our Senior Class Pic, Me And My Friends Wanna Wear Plain T-Shirts With Letters That Spell Out &Quot;Class Of 2011&Quot; So It Shows In The Class Pic. I Wanna Know If Ac Moore Does Screen Printing So I Can Get Letters Printed On Each Shirt...

I don't think so, but you could always screen print your own shirt. I picked up on this technique a few weeks ago and have made 2 shirts so far. It's a really easy process, especially if it's just letters. But since you need the shirt by tomorrow, that's probably not enough time... In case you do want to try though, here's what you'll need:

A plain tshirt, some fabric paint, a wooden or plastic embroidery hoop (I usually use a 12" hoop for my own shirt; I'm a small/medium), a piece of porous fabric such as organza (enough to cover the hoop), and Mod Podge glue. The most expensive thing would probably be the organza or the glue, which I bought for $7 a yard for the organza and $5 for the glue. That's not bad.

This is the video that taught me how to do it:

I like to be a little more precise though, so I use straight edges and a sharpened chopstick (haha, I'm such an Asian) when I apply the glue.

Once you make one screen, you can print as many shirts as you'd like for you and your friends. It seems like you want each shirt to have a different letter though, so you'd just have to make different screens. You can use the same hoop if you'd like. Good luck, and I hope this helps!

Can You Describe Andy Warhol'S Method Of Silk Screen Art?

Start by developing film into extremes of black and white, then use it to produce an acetate, apply to screen. Basically just as any industrial screen printing did at the time.