Is It Difficult To Acheive Color Gradients In Silk Screen Printing?
When Silk Screen Printing, Is It Hard To Make Colors Blend/Fade Out? A Good Example Would Be This Shirt By Monarchy: Http://Www.Emoda.Com/Itembydesigner.Asp?Prodid=123635&Category=Monarchy%20Collection&Subcat=&Did=425&Ordern= And Various Parts Of This Skinny Minnie Jacket: Http://Www.Rock-Rebel.Com/P-849-Skinny-Minnie-Velvet-Dream-Womens-Long-Sleeve-Crop-Track-Jacket-In-Grey.Aspx

You have to use half-tones to create subtle variations in value. I wouldn't say it is easy if you are an amateur. If you are a screen printer then you know about mesh sizes. To do fine gradations of value and tone you need to be working with a finer mesh. You also need to be able to create half-tones with your computer software. Yeah...this could get boring and too detailed. Simple answer is yes, it is difficult.

When Going To A Silk Screener For T-Shirt Printing Do I Have To Reverse Everything?
I Am Looking Into Doing A 30Th Birthday T-Shirt For My Boyfriend And I Want To Make A Shirt For His Party. I Was Wondering If I Needed To Reverse Everything To Come Out Right. ( I Know That In High School In My Graphic Design Class We Needed To Flip Everything)

I am a silk-screener and we do not reverse artwork. We print film-positives, not negatives. I would ask your silk-screener for art requirements before sending them the file. If you are printing only one shirt, are you sure they are actually silk-screening the T-shirt and not heat-pressing it? I don't know any reasonable silk-screener that will print only one shirt - there is too much set up involved.