How To Screen Print T Shirts?

1 you need frames $20 -$400
2 you need mesh (the screen) $15 -$30 LY - 33 yd on most bolts
3 you need to stretch the screen over the frame this process takes time as you need to let the screen stretch then re tension. depends on the system you find.
4 attach the screen to the frame $60./gal for adhesive
5 degrease the screen
6 wash -powerwasher $60 -$3,000
7 let dry - fan $20
8 apply emulsion $50 - $70/gal
9 let dry
10 apply your negative or positive $100 - $150,000
11 shoot the screen also called exposing or burning. $200-$30,000
12 wash the uncured emulsion from the screen - low pressure garden hose $10
13 let dry - compressed air or vacuum with very special attachment $100 - $450
14 pin hole the screen also called blocking
15 tape off the screen - this is not necessary but will aid greatly in the clean up process $.25 - $15.00 per screen
16 put the screen in a press or whatever you are using to fixture the screen
17 if you are using an automated press put the flood bar in and the squeegee in, if not get the squeegee ready -depends on the style you choose
18 get the material- cost of shirts
19 place material on platen - labor costs
20 locate the art on the material
21 locate the screen to the art
I am using the term art as the positive or negative.
22 set stops or adjust platen
23 add ink $60-$600 per gal
24 flood screen - drag a coat of ink across the mesh
25 print - apply downward force while removing the ink you just flooded across the screen
26 dry product -curing oven $300-$20,000
27 remove ink $30 - $90 per gal
28 clean flood bar and or squeegee
29 clean ink out of screen- paper towels=hazardous waste cloth towel = laundry service
30 wash screen out with screen wash
31 wash screen out with haze/emulsion/ghost remover
32 inspect screen and repeat if necessary
33 dry screen
34 clean up your area
35 go out and sell another job so you can do it again

buy the frame with the mesh already in it
block out
pressure washer
some type of vaccum burning unit with light sorce
some type of set up or press
if printing flat material you need a vaccum table
if textiles the platens and spray adhesive
drying method for your purpose
screen wash
emulsion remover
ghost remover
EPA permit
business license and whatever your area requires.
customers are good too

Prices are in general for used to middle end new. Chemical costs are greatly changed by your sales rep.

If you find the right deal sometimes you buy someone out and get thier equipment for around $5,000 - $15,000 depending on the equipment and customer base.
Good luck

What Settings Do I Set My Epson Stylus Pro 3880 To Print On Waterproof Film?
I'M Trying To Print On Waterproof Film Used For Silk Screening, With My Epson Stylus Pro 3880 With The Colorburst Rip, What Settings Should I Set To The Printer In Order To Accept This Format Of Film? Because When I Load It, I Dont Think It Recognizes The Type Of Film Thats Being Printed On It. Any Ideas?

My name is Syd and I work for Epson America, Inc.

The best way to select a setting would be to look at the manufacturer's media specification. This does not appear to be one of the default Epson media settings, therefore selecting a media selection can be tricky.

If the printer is not detecting the media you are using, it could be that the media is too clear. The media sensors will not pick up media that is too clear. There is some film that has a milky type coating that will help with media detection.

Hope this helps,