What Are Some Easy Ways To Screen Print T-Shirts?
What Are Some Easy Ways To Screen Print T-Shirts?

This depends on your design

There is a very easy way if the design simple

Just get a blank screen and cut your stencil from paper, or better still some sort if very thin plastic if you wish to keep it.

Spray the back of the paper with adhesive or use double sided tape, just 3 or 4 small squares,
and stick this to the back of the screen make, sure the paper is big enough to cover the whole screen

Put some small bits of tape on the center of the o's or use spray adhesive and stick them on the screen as well

When you start printing the ink will stick the paper to the screen

Now here is the trick, use water based screen ink, this will air dry, you can then iron them to cure the ink or you may be able to put them in a hot dryer for 10 mins, do a test piece and wash it.
They must be totally dry before you attempt this

If you put a piece of card lightly sprayed with adhesive inside the shirt this is better so the surface dose not move around when you print it

You can put several shirt along a table
Print them
Let them dry
Cut the stencil for the next colour
Line it up on one of the shirts with the double sided tape up
Lower the screen onto this to stick the stencil
Stick some paper tape on the t shirts where the corners of the screen will be
Before you ink the screen, line it up on each shirt and mark the corners of the screen on the tape with a pen, you can now register to these marks
When finished remove the paper tape
Have fun
Any questions email me contact me

Silk Screening T Shirts - I Need All The Basic Materials?
I'M In A Small Beach Town (South Of The Boarder, Nothing Here )And The Screen Printing T-Shirt Guys Suck..I Have To Fix Their Crazy Mistakes!! I Want To Do It Myself I Need My Friend To Bring Me The Materials. What Do I Need And With Is It Called Mesh - Type Of Mesh Type Of Paint Heat Emulsion Paint/ Glue? Film To Print On ( I Got The Graphic Action Down And Understand The Way To Print It) Just Printing It On What I Need To Know? Then I Can Make That Frames Ez Enough. I Comprehend What I Need To Do And I Catch On Quick To Artsy-Farts-Crafty Stuff ( I Actual Enjoy It) So Please So One Give Me The Names Of The Things I Need For At Home Makeing It Yourself Gear! Thanks!!

There are various ways to screen print and materials that can be used, and the size would make a difference too as well as the number of colors you might want to use, and how many shirts you want to make from the same image.

Sounds like you're thinking of doing an photo-emulsion method though, using polyester mesh in a large frame (probably hinged).
That can be done with "plastisol inks" or with other paints/inks/colorants, again depending on the effect/feel/opacity/etc. you want.

When you say "glue" though, it sounds like you might be referring to a different way to create a stencil on the screen besides photoemulsion since various types of glue, gouache I think, etc. can be used, as well as things like "frisket" film.

Here are some sites to check out for much more info, which should cover the fairly easy ways to screenprint all the way up to the 4-color high-production ways/equipment:



http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?board=346.0 (click on the 2 "silk screening" boards)