Is There Something Other Than Lacquer I Can Use With Film Re. Water-Base Ink Silk-Screen Printing?

Duck tape and WD40 fixes everything!!!

Screen Printing Problem?
I Did My First Screen Print Today On A Fairly New Shirt. I Used Transparency Film Under The Silkscreen As My Stencil And Used Textile Paint As My Ink. When I Ran The Squegee Down The First Time, The Ink Did Not Go Through Well. I Did It Several Times (All In The Same Direction), And Still The Print Was Blurred And Not Very Clear. Its Like The Paint Is Not Going Through The Screen So Well.

I learned silk screen when 15-yrs old in Jr. High School..(1967)
I would first--research the use of heat..maybe warm your textile paint..
Maybe use a HEAT-iron first--on the TEE-Shirt..
Possibly--you need a solid surface below the print area(the TEE)..
Place a piece of hard wood..inside the TEE..only allowing a single surface to strike the silk.