Can An Epson Stylus Pro 3880 Printer Print On Clear Film Transparencies Used For Silk Screening?
I Was Wondering If An Epson Stylus Pro 3880 Can Print On Clear Film Transparencies Used To Burn The Image On A Screen For Silk Screening. Also, Would These Printers Have The Capabilities To Run A Rip Program For Printing?

My name is Syd and I work for Epson America, Inc.

The printer will accept transparencies but they cannot be completely clear. The media would need to have some type of coat so the sensors are able to pick up the media. Make sure to run a few tests to ensure the media is compatible with the printer.

The printer is not a postscript printer out of the box. You can print postscript files to the printer with the use of RIP software. There are a variety of RIP’s that will support the printer. The main thing is to select a RIP which may perform the functions you desire.

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Silk Screening/Screen Printing?
Does Anyone Know Something I Could Use While Silk Screening That Could Be Used In The Same Process As Ulanocut Is? I Was Only Going To Do A Few Projects, And $75 For A Big Roll Is Not Really In My Budget At This Time. Or Is There A Place Where They Sell Sheets Of Ulanocut/A Replacement Material?

I take it that Ulanocut is the same thing as "masking film" (Rubylith, etc.)... if so, depending on what type of ink you're using, and how intricate the openings, you can use things like masking tapes and other tapes, various kinds of non-permanent glues/etc., or even paper.

Perhaps you should ask this in a screen printing group though, and/or be more specific about what you're wanting to use it for:

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