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So I Spent The Night At My Freinds How Saturday. Im Gonna Make Up The Names In Case She As A Yahoo Answers Account: The Girl Whose House I Spent The Night At(Who Invited Me) Her Fake Name Will Be...Hmmm... Idk I'Ll Just Call Her Girl #1. Also Three Other Girls Spent The Night. Anyway Today She Went Up To Me And Told Me Im Not Invited To Her House Again Because She Said The Following: You Were Rude To My Parents And Sister Your Selfish You Broke My Screen Door 4 Times And Just Left It There You Didn'T Clean Up After Your Messes Don'T Tell Anyone You Came To My House Wtff??? I Asked Her How I Was Rude And She Said Because Her Sister Took The Chips And I Was Like &Quot;Hey She Took My Chips&Quot; And Then I Luaghed To Make It A Joke But I Guess Her Sister Got Offended, But I Didnt Mean It Like That About The Door, The Dad Said The Door Was Already Broken And Needed Fixing Anyways. But I Also Tried To Put It Back But I Couldnt. How The Heck Are You Supposed To Do That? Plus The First 2 Times The Mom Said She'D Fix It, Then The 2Nd Time The Grandma Said She'D Fix It, And The 4Th Time The Dad Told Me To Just Set It Aside And He'D Fix It Later. (If Your Wondering How I Broke It, Everytime I Opend It Or Shut It It Would Litterly Fall Off) I Really Dont Know What To Say About Cleaning Up My Messes, But I Didnt & She'S Right About That Why Cant I Tell Anyone I Came To Her House?? Wtf Thats Mean... Did She Find Not A Lot Of People Liked Me Because She Was Talking **** About Me Or Something? Anyway I Asked My Other Friends If I Was Rude Or Selfish And They Said Kinda Yeah. Please Help????

Friends turn on you all of the time. Just get new friends. My friends start treating me like some sort of loner who doesn't do sht in life. I just left those son of a btches and never talked to them again.

I think this friend, is kinda an attention whore. I mean you were not being rude if CLEARLY her mom, dad, and grandma said "I'll fix it, it was already broken".

Now cleaning up after your mess, maybe you stained her silk bed sheets with ketchup? Hell, you were invited to stay the night. Not be a guest and stay for dinner or some important gathering. It's ok if you "screw" up here and there over the night. But I mean unless you took food out and left it on the table, no throw your trash out, maybe she has reasoning. But if you just left a bag of chips out or a bottle of coke, she shouldn't be overreacting.

Did you ever spend the night over at her house before? If so, how many times? I mean if this was your first time at her house, maybe it was just set up so she can get some drama in life. Treat you as some sort of rude person to always look down to.

Best thing to do is just get your point across, then try not to talk to her anymore. Tell her that the door was already broken, and the whole situation with the chips/sister was just playing around. Then if she still is acting like a btch, forget about her and move on.

Silk Screen Burning Machine?
In My High School Graphic Communications Class We Had This Machine Where You Would Cut The Length Of Screen From A Roll. Then Place A Black And White Pic From Any Printer On The Backside And Run It Through This Machine. When It Came Out You Would Have To Peel The Two Pieces Apart And Where The Black Was Would Be Burned Into The Screen. Then You Just Put It On A Frame And Your Ready To Start Printing. Any Information On The Name Of This Machine Or Where I Can Purchase One Would Be Greatly Appreciated... Thanks In Advance

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