Building A Pc, Any Safe Tips?
I Just Ordered All The Parts To The Gaming Pc I'M Building, I Really Don'T Want To Mess Anything Up And This Is My First Time Too So Any Tips To Not Mess Up Anything?

I've never bought a 'built' PC, been building them from scratch for 30 yrs.

You *NEED* a bootable CD with Memtest86. You will run that before installing all RAM at the same time... RAM is not factory tested. 'Final test' is left to the first end user (you) who happens to buy the stick. :)

You *NEED* a CD with distribution copies of AVG or whatever vir/mal/spy inhibitor(s) you prefer. You need to install these before you even connect to the net... I built a new server a few months ago. A few days after it was running I looked back at the security logs. Turns out that the attacks started pouring in within FIVE MINUTES of getting reconnected to the net.

Read *all* the paperwork and docs that come with case, PS, MB and CPU. You need to know how to assemble the pieces before you try it. Look at where front panel cables will attach to the MB to make sure you understand which cable plug into which MB header. The reason is that after the MB is installed into the case it'll be very difficult to get -close- enough to read the tiny silk screen print.

Look at the docs for the MB and what PS cables it needs, and the cable identification for the PS. Separate those wires out, because you will install those wires first.

Install MB standoffs first. There will be more holes in the case than you need. The MB doc should have a diagram that shows exactly which holes you need to use. You'll need a nut driver to do that easily, but almost any plier can do the job. These standoffs must be tight-tight so the have no chance of loosening later.

Install all fans, and connect cables to MB. There will be cable variations. Usually MB is marked with front, rear, top, and aux labels for fan connectors.

Install CPU into MB. Read and follow the docs *exactly*.

Fit the MB, and install screws, but do *NOT* tighten them down. You won't do the final tightening until after all expansion boards are installed -- there are always slight dimension variations between 'spec,' and 'as built.' If the MB is off by a small amount it can make board insertion *very* difficult to impossible, requiring loosening all the MB screws to allow cards to install.

In electronics assembly, normally 'heaviest' parts and cables are installed first, and lighter wires installed over that. That would be the PS. But in PC assembly that biiiig snake cable gets in the way of everything else going in, so I leave it till near-last.

Install front panel hardware, usually USB ports, card reader if you have one, that sort of stuff. Install cables to the MB.

Install HD/CD/DVD drives. Install -data- cables that connect them to MB.

Install all expansion boards. If you've got a vid board that usually requires a certain slot, and the card docs should explain that. Other than that there's not much you can do wrong as far a which card in which slot - if it's the right matching style card/MB connector then it's OK.

After boards seem comfortable you can sock down the MB screws. Do *not* overtighten them! that's about the -only- mistake you can make in PC assembly, because you -can- damage the MB if they're crushing-tight. Firm-tight is fine.

Connect PS-to-MB cables. Since you've already identified which are the right cables, and looked at the MB, this should be pretty easy. Route cables so they do not 'block' RAM slots in the MB because you'll need to access those slots several times during assembly, and maybe later if you ever have problems.

Connect PS-to-HD/CD/DVD drives. There will be variations here too. Drives need certain style connectors. Hopefully you've got enough of the right kind(s). You will probably have PS cable connections left over.

Rats only 1k left to write this. :)

Install -one- memory stick in the 'single stick' memory slot. MB doc will tell which one that is.

Plug in monitor and power cables. Turn on PC, and watch the screen to see if you should press F2 or F10 to get into Bios.

Set date and time.

Set the 'boot order' to 'removeable' CD/DVD, then USB, then HD. You may never need USB boot but if you do it's handy to have that ready.

Exit BIOS with 'Save changes.'

Run Memtest86 booted off the CD/DVD. This *MUST* *MUST* pass or you cannot use the RAM!! Lather, rinse, repeat for each memory stick.

Install OS from disc media. No further comment here because there are too many variations.

Install antivirus as you prefer.

Turn on network monitor software, so you can see it connect to router/modem.

Plug in network cable.

As *soon* as you see it connect, *IMMEDIATELY* run Window Update, or whatever OS update!!

This is the only time you are truly vulnerable, between the 'outdated disc' OS install, and updates are done. Run AV update at the same time. AAMOF you can unplug the network cable between the time it 'downloads,' and the 'installs' are done.

Done. Rats went over the 5k limit will have to delete some 'comment' stuff. OK 4902. :) Done, have fun. :)

Where To Find Used Automatic Machine ( Dubuit 308/305) For My Company ?
I Need To Buy A Machine For Silk Screen Printing To Print On Plastic Containers. I Need Dubuit Automatic Machine. Anyone Can Help Me Find Used Equipment ? May Be Auction Or Something ... ?

I can not answer your question directly. But, If you contact Machine Dubuit through their web site and ask them the names of distributors in your area you will get some pretty good results. Contact the reps at these companies and explain that you are looking for an Dubuit machine for your company and put them to work for you. The main reason this works is most companies don't upgrade unless they can get the old equipment sold first. Auctions are not really the way to go due to the fact of why that piece of equipment is in the auction in the first place. Buying pre auction or direct allows you to see the machine run first hand and give you a source for that missing manual or foot that didn't get delivered.

Use the sales people to find you a press, good chances are if they find a press for you they just made a sale on a new press.