How Do I Start Out Making A Screen For Silk Screen Printing?
The Rest Is Easy I Just Need To Know How To 'Burn' The Image On My Screen

If you are making a screen for high volume prints, then use photo emulsion, plenty of how-tos for that at
If you just want to make a few prints, lay the screen over the original image, trace it with a pen, and the use either non-water soluble glue to fill in the "white" areas (where you don't want color to go), or you can try using just plain old acrylic paint.

Is It Possible To Do Silk Screen Printing On Rubber Material? If So How? Any Info Is Appreciated. Thanks!?
I Want To Do Silk Screen Printing On Rubber Material But I Am Not Sure If That Is Possible. If It Is Possible How? I Want To Screen Print On Rubber Rather Then On Fabric T-Shirts. If You Can Give Me Any Info I Would Appreciate It. Thanks.

Here is one source for inks used on rubber,I'm sure that there are others. Scroll down for silk screen inks: