How Would I Start A Clothing Company Like With Printed T-Shirts ?
Im Still Think About Ideas But Im Just Wondering How Much Money Would I Be Putting To Starting It And Buying The Shirts And Were I Can Print The Designs On The Shirts

It depends on what kind of equipment you want to use for printing t-shirts. The traditional silk screen equipment can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars and many thousands of dollars. The newest t-shirt printing equipments is the DTG equipment, which is Direct To Garment digital printing. You can do many diffent types of styles and printing with this equipment but that technology will run you anywhere from $10-25 thousand. Both options can allow you to do prints on many differnt areas of the shirt and produce quality product. I hope this helps.

T-Shirt Printing (Dtg)?
I Was Wanting To Change My Partnering Printing Company But They Seem To Have The Largest Print Size Dtg. Does Anyone Know A Company That Is Able To Print 14X19tall? There'S Not Many Out There