Designing Your Own Tshirt?
I Really Want To Put My Design On A Tshirt, But I Can'T Find Any Good Printing Company. I'M Not Saying Like A Picture That I Took That I Want On Something, I'M Talking About An Actual Tshirt Design. Is There Any Company That Wont Just Be Ink On A Cotton Shirt?

You can seek out tee shirt custom printers in your town or near by cities.
Or you can learn how to silk screen your own design(s) and maybe sell a few shirts to pay for the materials needed.This site should help.Download the YUDU Manual for details.

I Would Like To Put My Own Artwork/Photos On Plates That Can Actually Be Used For Eating Off Of. Any Clue?
I Have Found Mugs, But The Only Plates I Can Find Are Not To Be Used For Eating Off Of. Help

Many years ago I worked in a company that did this, I also had my own t-shirt printing business where we did the odd mug. The two processes however are worlds apart. You can easily print on plates that hang up on the wall and there are dozens of web sites out there that have the products. The problem with plates that you eat on is that they are always being scratched with knives, forks and disk mops. If there is any chance of the image coming off, the authorities would sue the product supplier - therefore no product.

What we did in the plastics company was this: Most of the plate was moulded. The image was silk-screened on the bottom of sheet of clear plastic, the same material as the rest of the plate.. That was placed on top of the first bit and both were then reformed under heat. The image was then protected from scratching. Mugs are done in a similar way, but the coating isn't anywhere near the thickness of a plate.

Most ornamental and dinner plates are made this way. Plate first, image silk-screened on, then a thick clear glaze. The plate is then heated in a kiln so that all the components become one.

If you go to a good pottery class they will teach you how to do this, then you can do it at home. Just take the plates to a school or community kiln for firing.

Good luck.