What Is This Made Of? Tarpaulin, Transparent Pet Film? Please Help!!?
I Really Really Wanted To Know What The White Thingy With The Text &Quot;Cook&Quot; Is Made Of. Is It Printed In Tarpaulin And Covered With A Transparent Pet Film? But I Also Noticed That The Cover Like Is Wrinkled At The Upper Right Side So I'M Really Not Sure What It Is. Please Help! Thanks! Http://Lbtoronto.Typepad.Com/.A/6A00d8341c15db53ef011570014dd1970c-800Wi

It looks like a rigid material, not fabric to me, and the upper right appears to be a reflection of something, not a wrinkle, but I could be wrong. Fabric would be too flimsy, easily torn, and hard to clean, and not to mention expensive to manufacture if it required a two part process in addition to the graphics work, but silk screening onto a metal or plastic sheet would be easily cleaned and much more durable. In the U.S., anything that is near commercial food preparation has to be as seam free as possible and able to to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, so I'm guessing they have similar standards in Toronto and the thing sign is actually metal. Specifically, aluminum because it would be lighter to manufacture and move around because any weight saving would be important on a cart such as this. It looks like it has a gloss clear coat applied over the paint as opposed to a plexiglas sheet covering it, because that would also save weight and be easier to clean.

By the way, when I was in college to become a graphic artist, one of the first things they taught us was that everything should be easily readable, because otherwise what's the point? I thought the one in question said "cart", but I'm not Canadian, or speak French.

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