Printing Clothing Designs?
I Just Started My Own Clothing Design Store And I Would Like To Know If There Is A Place In Ohio Cleveland Or Online That Sells This Special Type If Paper That Can Be Used To Draw Or Cut Out Designs From And Then You Would Just Place The Paper On The Piece Of Clothing And Using An Iron For Heat Glue It On To The Clothing Kind Of Like Those Old Patches That People Used To Use To Iron Onto A Shirt Or Jeans.So If Anyone Could Help Me Out Here I Would Really Be Happy≪33If U Don'T Know A Place Or What That Would Be Called Then If You Could Just Tell Me A Cheap Place For Tshirt Printing In My Area Or Of A Good Product Like A Special Type Of Paint Or Marker That I Could Use!

Screenprinting from a hand-cut stencil is easy. Just get some screenprinting paper (it's smooth on one side, rough on the other), cut out your design, put the paper on a screen with the smooth side towards the screen and print with a squeegee. A screen is made like a frame except you don't have to mitre the corners, just but them, then staple on a screen (traditionally silk but now polyester), tape around the edges. A squeegee is a long (same width as your inner screen) piece of wood with rubber running along the edge. Buy screenprinting ink (for textiles). Place the screen over the fabric, put the ink on top of the screen and pull the ink down with the squeegee. You should get about 20 or so prints out of this. It sounds complicated but is really easy. If you're near an art school where they do printmaking, you can drop in and they'll show you. Art schools are usually pretty friendly. Good luck.

How Do I Get A Design I Made On Photoshop Onto A T-Shirt?
I Want To Make An Origional Cobra Starship T-Shirt Using Pictures I Got At Their Concert, But I Don't Know How I Would Get The Design Onto A T-Shirt After I Designed It. I Don't Want To Make It Look Cheap, I Want It To Look Good, And I Don't Know What Products Or Programs I Need On The Computer To Do That, Or If There Is Another Way, So If Anyone Can Help Me Out, It Would Be Really Appreciated!

If there is a shop near where you live that make prints on T-shirts using the silk-screen or iron-on process, then you could call them and ask them to help you. You can bring your own design for them to put on a t-shirt that you will buy at their shop.

Another far less expensive way is using the iron-on pages of T-shirt transfers (they work only on white t-shirts). You take a page, print the design on it with your inkjet printer and then you can iron the design on a t-shirt. You can find these and more info on their website