Foil Printing On Clothes?
I Want To Put Foil Patterns On Clothing, Is Their Somewhere I Can Buy The Stuff To Do It? I Live In The Uk.

go to a print shop or call them up and ask them if they do it.

or go to your nearest art store and pick up your own silk screening kit. silk screening is very fun and can also be profitable if your creative and want to design and make your own clothes.

if you buy a silk screening kit they run from 40 to over 100 us dollars and you can then buy gold or silver foil ink and then print on any flat surface including clothes.

What Type Of A Machine Do I Need To Screen Printed T-Shirts?
Any Help Is Apreciated :/

Are you perhaps referring to silk-screening equipment to print on T-shirts? If so, check these following sites: (see all three packages)