I Want To Print An Image For My Shirt Using Image Transfer Paper Or Thermal Iron Paper...?
Okay, So I Want To Print An Image For My Shirt Using Image Transfer Paper Or Thermal Iron Paper, As Stated Above. I Want It To Be On A Black T-Shirt, But That Doesn'T Really Matter. I Have A Hp Psc 1350 All-In-One Printer/Scanner/Copier. The Print Settings Are Plain And Photo. I Use Photo, Right? Where Can I Buy Image Transfer Paper Or Thermal Iron Paper? What Is The Best Place? (A Specific Store, Please! Don'T Just Tell Me To Go To A Craft Store Or Something!) Both Image Transfer Paper And Thermal Iron Paper Would Work, Right? I Just Print It, And Then Iron It? (Don'T Tell Me It'Ll Crack, I'Ll Worry About That Later.) Please Give A Store That I Can Drive To, Not An Online Store. Please Don'T Tell Me To Search Online. Please Don'T Tell Me To Try Something Else, Like Go To A Professional To Iron It On, Or Silk Screen It, Or Something Like That. Thanks In Advance! Everyone Who Read The Whole Entire Thing And Answered My Questions And Helped Me Out!!!

You can usually find such transfer paper at almost any office supply store such as Staples, Office Max, Office Depot. What you want to do is go to the HP site and verify that your printer can handle such paper, and what the recommended paper is (of course HP will recommend their own paper). You can call whatever local office supply store is nearest to you to find out if they carry such paper. There are brands that should work in any printer (Kodak probably makes some, and I use Kodak photo papers in my Canon inkjet printer with excellent results; Kodak knows what they are doing and also has info both in the paper package and on their website showing recommended settings for each printer brand).

Yes, you would use your photo settings to get the best colors. Do remember that images printed this way will be REVERSED, since you place the paper FACE DOWN on the shirt. So if you need the image to face a certain way, you will want to flip it in software so that when you transfer it, it comes out in the correct direction. This is of course particularly important if there is any text on the image that you want to be readable.

Note also that using this method on a black t-shirt may not be satisfactory because the images can dull against a dark shirt. Most of these are intended for use on white or light colored shirts.

Anyway, hope that helped, and good luck finding what you need.

I Want To Wear Girl Clothes?
I Been Thinking About Wearing Girl Clothes. (My Mind Thinks Like Female) But I'Ll Go Into Detail Later. The Reason Why I Brought This Up Because I Have Trouble Fitting Into Guys Clothes. I Would Spend Hours In The Store Trying To Find Clothes To Fit Me. I Have A Small Waist. Sizes I Currently Wear. Pants, Size 16 Slim. I Don'T Use A Belt. Shirts, Usually Medium Size. Shoes, Size 9.5 (Nine And A Half). Undies, L/G (14-16) What Ever That Means. What Sizes Would That Be For Girl Clothes? About Me Thinking Like Female, Because My Dad Was Never Around When I Was Little. I Never Played Sports Etc. So I Took The Female Role. (I'M A Guy). I Kept The Female Role. I Will See A Different Councillor About This. 16 Years Old & I Think Like A Girl. I Tried Explaining My Best. Idk If Weight Matters, 105 Pounds.

You may be a transsexual or just a cross-dresser. A transsexual would be like you had a female brain inside a male body. A cross-dresser would be like a guy who feels a rush of pleasure, and stimulation from feminizing himself.

Just because you have a slim male figure doesn't mean that you need to wear girl's clothes.

Here are some generalization to test whether you are a cross-dresser or a transsexual.

When you were a little kid you admired females as being better persons than males - Cross-dresser
When you were little you insisted that you were a girl even though you had the body of a boy - Transsexual.
When you were little you played with dolls, and other girl's toys - Transsexuals
When you were little you played with trucks, and other boy's toys - Cross-dresser
The best thing about being a girl is the clothes - Cross-dresser
The best thing about being a girl is that people know who you really are - Transsexual
When I wear girl's clothes I get an erection and feel stimulated - Cross-dresser
When I wear girl's clothes I feel like I'm at home - Transsexual
I've always known I was really a girl and always accepted that - Transsexual
I discovered that I was a girl from wearing girl's clothes during adolescence - Cross-dresser
I have never been sexual attracted to the opposite gender - Transsexual
I want to be a girl, but I'm not gay - Cross-dresser
I am not interested in clothing, I'm interested in gender - Transsexual
I am not so much interested in gender as much as clothing - Cross-dresser
My favorite outfit would be one that makes me look like an average girl - transsexual
My favorite outfit would be a silky, sexy, ultra-feminine, beauty queen - cross-dresser

The final test: Dress yourself in your best feminine clothes. Then masturbate. How do you feel immediately following climax? No change in your feminine feelings - transsexual. If you suddenly find your urge for feminine clothing has dropped following a climax then you're a cross-dresser. The brain of a cross-dresser releases dopamine and other neurotransmitters when he feminizes himself. These chemicals produce sensations of well-being, pleasure, sexual gratification and self-identity. They affect the reward centers of his brain, and therefore, it causes an addiction response. Now to keep the dopamine levels high, the cross-dresser needs to go further and further with his cross-dressing. Otherwise the dopamine levels do drop. When you have a sexual climax you brain releases the most dopamine. In fact, it releases so much dopamine that you experience a temporary depletion of them. For a few minutes your brain is like a noncross-dresser. That's why after you masturbate you lose your interest in cross-dressing. Don't worry. In a few minutes you'll be back to your old self.

I hope this has been helpful in distinguishing between transsexual (thinking like a girl), and cross-dressing (normal, healthy heterosexual with a fetish).